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Jun 18, 2019

In this episode of UnNiched, we hear from Samantha Arsenault-Livingstone as she describes the terrifying moment that changed her life. It was every parent’s worst nightmare as Samantha sat helplessly in a corner as emergency medical staff responded to a code on her young daughter. And in that moment Samantha’s lifelong belief that if she just tried hard enough, she could control all the things came crashing down. From a young athlete struggling with body image to young woman standing on top of the Olympic podium wearing a gold medal around her neck, Samantha struggled with perfectionism. She believed that if she just tried harder, she could achieve the result she wanted until the moment she couldn’t. And as her daughter’s heart began beating again, Samantha’s heart began beating again. She gave herself permission to feel pain, accept and welcome failure, and begin her journey toward a more joyful and present life. Join me for an empowering, soul-stirring conversation with Olympic gold medalist, high performance coach and consultant, transformational speaker, educator, and creator of the incredible Rise Free Academy, Samantha Arsenault-Livingstone.